Our First Boondocking Adventure

Our first Boondocking adventure was definitely one for the books. Tyler let me pick and well I picked it alright. It was so far out that our google maps wouldn’t even give us directions to it and on the way it took us on a wild goose chase all around county back roads . We figured it out using another persons GPS coordinates and it was the most beautiful location ever. We got there and hooked up and found out that the previous owners of our travel trailer never used the water tank and it had a leak . So here we are wayyy out in the real boonies with a water leak. We had a bunch of gallon jugs and water bottles and we filled up every container we had and made do with it before the water leaked completely out. The Pawnee Buttes were beautiful though and we all loved the open peaceful area. There were trails leading up to the Buttes and we attempted to take an off beaten path but it was like trying to play dodge the baby cactuses because every 2-3 foot was a little cactus. On the second day we climbed the Buttes and that night blew up our air mattress outside and all of us laid out and looked up at the stars together. It was SO open out there it was like looking up at a theater of stars in the sky. We left the third morning. It was a beautiful experience.

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