The Fear. The Purge. The Relaxation.

A couple of months ago we decided to finally take a leap of faith and dive into our full time journey. We were fearful but excited at the same time. Leaving the lifestyle you have always known for a whole new adventure of travel is full of unknowns. Although we had researched and researched and lined all our ducks up in a row…it was still a bit scary. I naturally am a worry wart. We had looked at houses and we could of bought one but that was not the life we wanted. We always have wanted to explore the world and thought that those who must do so must be rich and just so lucky. Once we figured it out and lined it all up the choice was easy. Our kids were so excited. A life of travel, adventure, meeting new friends, getting away from the cold Iowa winters and not having to deal with a school where you have to stay six feet apart and wear a mask all day was an amazing idea to them.

The purge came next. This is not a purge of sickness but rather all the crap we did not need or use. I always have been a bit of a hoarder when it came to my kids school work or things they have made. Other than that I did not keep much …so I thought. Downsizing from a 3 bedroom condo with a garage to a 30 foot travel trailer was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. At first I was pretty careful about it. I had boxes sorted and piles here, there. Things were somewhat labeled at first. Then I started seeing all the crap and wondering why do people own SO much stuff . Its actually kind of disgusting to be honest. I tried posting on the free sites and donating but then it just all went to the trash. There was no method anymore. The purge become more so of a headache and we kept what we needed and the rest was discarded. Who really needs 12 glass vases an ungodly amount of Tupperware . We had so many Pyrex pans I was beginning to think someone in the house should actually be a baker ?!

The relaxation came after we just left and not a moment until then. We turned in the keys and took off. The first campground we stayed at was nearby so that we could finish up a few errands and it was honestly the most relaxing weekend we have had in a long time together as a family. We had smores by the fire. Sat out and looked at the stars and watched for the raccoons and we just hung out together. It was on our time and there was no rush. Just relaxation and stress free. We are The traveling Turtles as our oldest says because turtles take their homes with them. In these last couple months least I think its been at least two months because its easy to lose track of time now… We have all agreed we have made enough memories that could of easily filled up two summers . It is incredible. I wont lie to you and say it is all peaches and cream because no lifestyle is . We have definitely had learning experiences on the way but what I will tell you is it sure beats the typical way of life and you wont see us turning back to that any time soon .

One thought on “The Fear. The Purge. The Relaxation.

  1. First, thank you for recently becoming a follower of my own blog – Given your obvious interest in travelling, perhaps one of my travel articles is how you found my blog. But perhaps you may have also seen one of my recent editorials, both political and otherwise, and that led you to check out my Home Page. Whatever the case, welcome. I write my blog for myself first of all, because I love writing. But I admit that I do enjoy it very much when I get followers, and especially those who interact with me via comments.

    I just read this initial post about how you came to this decision to live a life on the road. I hope that the resurgence of Covid does not get in the way of any of your plans. I assume that you are home schooling while on the road. That subject might be worth a post or two from you. I for one would be very interested to know how you schedule this into your travels, and also how you think it is working for your kids. At least they are not at risk going into a brick and mortar school where you have no idea what they may be exposed to in terms of Covid, and whatever new variants may emerge.

    I would also like to know how you decided you were able to do this financially. Leaving at least one, if not two, full-time jobs had to have been an enormous decision. We knew a young couple quite a while ago who decided to sell their home, quit their jobs, and take a round the world trip, which I think lasted almost nine months. They did this with the intent of setting down, wherever new jobs happened to take them when they returned, and to then start a family … which they almost immediately did. It worked out almost perfectly for them and they have two beautiful young girls, now grown women … not to mention (although I am) invaluable memories from that wonderful adventure.

    If your travels find you still in the western United States, and in particular in the southwest near the beginning of October, you might consider a stop in Albuquerque New Mexico, where we live. Our annual International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta takes place each year at the beginning of October. This year it will be held from Sat, Oct 2 to Sun, Oct 10th. It is like nothing you have likely ever seen before. During one of the mass ascensions, it is not unusual to see a significant portion of our 600+ registered hot air balloons up in the air all at the same time. I have many pictures on my blog. Just look in the upper portion of the left sidebar on my Home Page and select BALLOON FIESTA from the drop down menus.

    All my best to you and to your family in your travels. I will be looking forward to reading posts about your travel, and other, experiences.


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