“Boring Nebraska”

On our way back from Colorado we landed back in North Platte and it is easily one of our favorite little campsites so far to crash at. The i-80 Lakeside is the friendliest and so fun. We all love it. We can fish, swim and just chill all day. They even have laundry on site . Cant beat that. Before we go we plan to use their paddle boats as well. We have found so many fun things to do and see here. We took the kids up to the Children’s Museum the other day and it was very affordable. Tyler and I even had a blast. Definitely recommend. There were several different rooms with a variety of different options of things to do. Some of our favorites were the rock climbing wall, the doctors office and x-ray room with giant sized Operation game, and the glow in the dark room with the Mega sized light up peg board.

The drive in and around Nebraska is filled with open land, cows, and maybe a hotel here and there. All the people we have come across are friendly to everyone and wave and say hi or are chatty. Something that was rare in the town we used to live. I think most think its boring to drive through Nebraska and refer to it as such because they are used to seeing a gas station or a Dollar General on every corner but to see wide open land to me is awesome. I’ve seen plenty of Kum and Go’s and Shopping centers in my time so to see nothing for awhile but land was actually pretty peaceful.

Our son caught a blue tailed skink here at the campsite the other day and a fat toad. The kids have been playing with numerous other kids daily and it has just been a fun experience overall. I think we have been eating enough smores to start our own advertising company for them. We all have tans and feel free. Feel like we were cage like and now we are free range ha ha. Just roaming and living šŸ™‚ Here’s some pictures of our North Platte , Nebraska adventures and some of us at the campsite. We will soon be on our journey slowly headed east . Next stop Iowa for a doctor appointment then Kentucky as we make our way to Florida to land for a bit and swim in the ocean.

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