Toes in the Water. Ass in the Sand.

Our week has been nothing but sand and more sand. Sand in places you wouldn’t want sand, sand all over the TT, sand in your hair, sand castles, and getting buried in sand. You get the picture. The best part about a travel trailer is its super easy cleanup. The days here have been beautiful and the water is clear. We easily spend 3 hours a day just swimming and playing at the lake. The kids are like little fish now when it comes to being able to swim. Our oldest can go across the lake and back. I even broke my fear of deep water and can swim out in it now.

I took some pictures down at the water today also. Photography is something I’ve always enjoyed. I have more time to do that now that life is less hectic and I feel less burnt out. We all have had so much time to just live and be stress free. Toes in the water ass in the sand used to just be a song and now its a lifestyle. I’m learning to relax more and just enjoy life and all the simple things that come with it. It really is the simple things and the moments in life that end up mattering the most.

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