Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial

The Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial is a free Memorial to see in Columbus, Nebraska. If you are traveling with kids this is a great lesson for them in History. There is also parks next to it for the kids to play at . This started as a research project for the students at Columbus High School and later turned into a Memorial.

Andrew Higgins was the creator of the US military’s first landing craft. You can see an exact replica of his design at this memorial. His design allowed for troops to land on Normandy Beach and several other places during WW2. General Dwight Eisenhower was quoted as saying that “Andrew Higgins is the man who won the war for us.”

The large bronzed freedom eagle sculpture was built to honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and added to the memorial. It was built from pieces of steel from the World Trade Center. It is also a symbol in the war against terrorism. To learn more about this memorial you can go to

What things have you and your family looked at together that has been a teaching moment? Check out my previous blog below if you are looking for a campsite option in Columbus, Nebraska.

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