Catching Frogs and Eating Dessert

Since we have been traveling I feel like we have new requirements in life. Sun, water, and fishing poles are definitly our top faves. Its a far cry from feeling trapped in a tuna can of a condo and having not much of a back yard. We now have specifics we look for when we go anywhere to camp. The places we stay at need to have at least water to play in and be spacious. The water part part is non -negotiable. Who wants sun and no water? Also, why did we not start doing this yearssss ago?!

So tonight we went fishing for a few hours after we ate outside. It was a bit swamp like but water none the less. After about 15 minutes my oldest yells, ” MOM I CAUGHT A FROG.” This part of the river was FULL of humonguous frogs. The kids would just take their poles and dangle the worms all over the frogs and catch them. The frogs usually just jumped right off and they would repeat all this. She was able to actually keep one hooked long enough for a picture.

We fished for about 2-3 hours tonight and caught nothing but frogs and it was a blast. The kids came out covered in mud of course because thats half the fun and I lost half of my pole in the water after getting it snagged up on something.

We came back and immediately headed straight for the showers. That’s another pro of camping. Before, our house, bathroom, the dog , and everything would of been covered in mud after a mud fishing frog adventure like this. I just had everyone wait outside and grabbed all of our shower stuff and voila. 

The kids break up their learning time into segments throughout the day so its not as overwhelming so we came back and did a bit of school work and made dessert. I came up with this creation that the kids love so wanted to share. Its so cheap and easy. Unfortunately , there’s no pictures left to take… They make 99cent muffin mixes you can buy in a variety of flavors at Walmart. They say ‘just add milk’ or you can get the kind that says, ‘just add water’. We mix four different flavors of those and spread it out on a sheet pan instead of muffin trays. You can add more bags depending on the size of your sheet pan. Cook it according to the time on the bag and add butter on the top of all of it. So easy and tastey for a dessert while camping.

We love the flexibility and freedoms that come along with this lifestyle. Tomorrow I think we will find some trails and maybe try to catch a fish instead of frogs.

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