Do Traveling Families Travel All The Time?

I think people assume since you are in a travel trailer and you have the ability to travel anywhere that you are now on the road ALL the time. That is not even close to true for us. Sure, we do get to each destination by way of vehicle but we spend some time at each place. Otherwise, what’s the point. We do get tired out quicker at each place and only spend a few weeks at a time which is a lot more traveling than the average person. When we do drive we do not spend more than three to four hours on the road. Four hours is our max. We made that rule when we first began this because we do not want to be in a hurry. This is our way of life and this is our life. We can’t rush through it.

When we get to each place we like to do a bit of exploring, learning , and also have relax days. We look up what the top things to do are in the area and we make sure to see the top things that interest us and we also go see the educational things. The kids have learned so much already. We also like to explore any trails nearby and find fishing spots, parks to play at, and lakes to swim at.

Our days usually are spent outside exploring and nights we like to end either with a movie or a campfire. Last night we decided to do both and brought one of the TVs outside and watched a movie with a campfire going. It was perfect. We watched Luca on Disney Plus. It inspired us to get a projector screen at some point to watch movies outside.

The other day when we were out exploring we came across a bunch of snakes down by the murky water. It has been pretty dry here so the river is low and the water is green. The snake we first came across was swallowing a fish down by the water. I have never seen this happen before! There were a couple other baby snakes and a very large snake down there also. We stayed away from them but of course I had to take a picture !

Some days are just relax and chill days also. These days are nice so we can do some extra deep cleaning, laundry and just relax. We all need days like that to just relax and unwind. There are days we simply do nothing but watch the kids play with friends and hang out together. The living and making memories are so much more important than just traveling and that is why we started doing this to begin with. Although, we all get a bit excited when we get to travel to a new destination and explore it and meet new people.

Watching the Kids play with friends one morning out the window while doing dishes.

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