20 Lessons/Bloopers Along The Way


1. When Boondocking do not listen to Google Maps. This will take you about 50 miles out on a gravel road to your ‘destination’.

2. Always Inspect the shitter before making a purchase. We arrived at our first destination and we had a whole load of someone elses crap to deal with.

3. Don’t trust Google any more than you would a fart. Office hours listed are not always accurate and will have you at a campground that is closed and you have to find other reservations.

4. Thunderstorms and hail in a travel trailer sound like Jesus himself is going to come back that night and take your soul. Brace yourself. When it rains it barks.

5. Flies. Flies will have you saying words in languages you never thought you knew. They are here and they will find you.

6. Instapots will become your best friend but if you rush into it and don’t read the instructions you may set off a fire alarm.

7. Always remember to flush your water lines. Not even a Scentsy pot can mask the pure torture of that smell. It will make even the strongest of men weak in the knees.

8. When in doubt just throw it out. Less is more. If it’s not being used it goes to the curb and no this doesn’t mean your husband. Sorry Karen.

9. Slowwwwww Doooowwwnn. This is your new life now and you need to sit sometimes. Varicose veins will love you at that speed but you will thank me later.

10. Some campsites are tourists traps. “Welcome to your $100 stay now would you like to enjoy the $100 train ride?” If you have kids this becomes a very interesting trap. Save the grey hairs and research ahead.

11. Overstock your food. Especially if you have children. They will require more food now that their average mph has gone up.

12. Be prepared. You could have a leak, a tear, flat tire, or need first aide. Just have it all the time. You never know when life will decide to throw a wrench and duck tape doesn’t always work.

13. Singing loudly in the showers and talking back and forth with your child really creeps out your neighbors in their stall.

14. When your boy child learns that it’s okay to pee in a lake make sure you say the part where they must sit down to do that.

15. You will now buy more shampoo and body washes than ever before for every person in your family . That is unless you like hearing pass the soap while showering.

16. People think you are rich now. Wabam . That happened overnight.

17. Keep an eye on your sway bars and keep them put up. Ours ran away and ended up down the road.

18. Lighting a pilot light on these personal pan pizza ovens may cause all the hairs on your arm to burn off.

19. Most travel trailers are not made for tall people. Hello daily concussion.

20. 2 weeks is equal to 2 months in the full-time travel world. Don’t ask me how I don’t make the rules.

You are not alone . This ones for YOU.

You can’t really begin to appreciate life until it has knocked you down a few times. You can’t really begin to appreciate love until your heart has been broken. And you can’t really begin to appreciate happiness until you’ve known sadness. Once you’ve walked through the valley, the view from the mountaintop is breathtaking. – Susan Gale

These last couple years have been a whirlwind for a lot of us..myself included. It seems to be one thing after another. I can’t speak for everyone but I see a lot of hurting souls in this world. A lot of breakups, depression, suicide, and just plain hurt. It’s all around us and even in the happiest of faces I see you. I have been you. I am not one to sugar coat life. Life is and can be hard. It is not for the faint. I think somedays we forget to give ourselves a break and we just keep our ourselves on simmer on the back burner. One of the sayings that comes to mind is , ” You have survived 100 percent of your worst days . You are doing great.” Many people I think see blogs like this or social media accounts and feel less . Like why cant I be perfect. What is wrong with me? The answer is simple. NOTHING . Nothing at all is wrong with you. We talk about our good times and we share our happy moments. Talking about anything other in this day and age is frowned upon and looked at as weak. So most have happy profiles and blogs and that’s that. Just remember even though we may have never met I am sure even on your darkest days and the days you just go through the motions you are so beautiful. I know because we all are in our own ways. That’s what makes us unique. The world is already weird enough thankfully we all can look different. Embrace that.

I have been down the darkest of holes in this life and it has taught me more about life and given me more strength than I can imagine. There truly is beauty in pain. Some of the lessons didn’t make sense until much later but all of them taught me something along the way. For anyone feeling hurt or out of place and alone in the world right now. This blog is for you. This world is not full of perfect people . This world is full of perfectly imperfect people that all hurt the same yet are great at hiding their pain. Always remember you are stronger than you think and keep pushing on . You have come so far. The caterpillar was alone for so long right before it got its wings. ❤

Peanut Butter Oreo Campfire Dessert

We crushed up the Oreos and broke up the marshmallows a bit to fit. You can buy bigger waffle cones but this was all the store had at the time. We have also done this with chocolate chips. It all tastes amazing. We spray the top area a bit with cooking spray before wrapping it all up so that the marshmallow doesn’t stick to the aluminum foil. Sit it on a hotdog stick or whatever you choose to use and let it cook over the fire for a couple minutes each side. They don’t take long so be careful not to burn it.

Toes in the Water. Ass in the Sand.

Our week has been nothing but sand and more sand. Sand in places you wouldn’t want sand, sand all over the TT, sand in your hair, sand castles, and getting buried in sand. You get the picture. The best part about a travel trailer is its super easy cleanup. The days here have been beautiful and the water is clear. We easily spend 3 hours a day just swimming and playing at the lake. The kids are like little fish now when it comes to being able to swim. Our oldest can go across the lake and back. I even broke my fear of deep water and can swim out in it now.

I took some pictures down at the water today also. Photography is something I’ve always enjoyed. I have more time to do that now that life is less hectic and I feel less burnt out. We all have had so much time to just live and be stress free. Toes in the water ass in the sand used to just be a song and now its a lifestyle. I’m learning to relax more and just enjoy life and all the simple things that come with it. It really is the simple things and the moments in life that end up mattering the most.

“Boring Nebraska”

On our way back from Colorado we landed back in North Platte and it is easily one of our favorite little campsites so far to crash at. The i-80 Lakeside is the friendliest and so fun. We all love it. We can fish, swim and just chill all day. They even have laundry on site . Cant beat that. Before we go we plan to use their paddle boats as well. We have found so many fun things to do and see here. We took the kids up to the Children’s Museum the other day and it was very affordable. Tyler and I even had a blast. Definitely recommend. There were several different rooms with a variety of different options of things to do. Some of our favorites were the rock climbing wall, the doctors office and x-ray room with giant sized Operation game, and the glow in the dark room with the Mega sized light up peg board.

The drive in and around Nebraska is filled with open land, cows, and maybe a hotel here and there. All the people we have come across are friendly to everyone and wave and say hi or are chatty. Something that was rare in the town we used to live. I think most think its boring to drive through Nebraska and refer to it as such because they are used to seeing a gas station or a Dollar General on every corner but to see wide open land to me is awesome. I’ve seen plenty of Kum and Go’s and Shopping centers in my time so to see nothing for awhile but land was actually pretty peaceful.

Our son caught a blue tailed skink here at the campsite the other day and a fat toad. The kids have been playing with numerous other kids daily and it has just been a fun experience overall. I think we have been eating enough smores to start our own advertising company for them. We all have tans and feel free. Feel like we were cage like and now we are free range ha ha. Just roaming and living 🙂 Here’s some pictures of our North Platte , Nebraska adventures and some of us at the campsite. We will soon be on our journey slowly headed east . Next stop Iowa for a doctor appointment then Kentucky as we make our way to Florida to land for a bit and swim in the ocean.

Our First Boondocking Adventure

Our first Boondocking adventure was definitely one for the books. Tyler let me pick and well I picked it alright. It was so far out that our google maps wouldn’t even give us directions to it and on the way it took us on a wild goose chase all around county back roads . We figured it out using another persons GPS coordinates and it was the most beautiful location ever. We got there and hooked up and found out that the previous owners of our travel trailer never used the water tank and it had a leak . So here we are wayyy out in the real boonies with a water leak. We had a bunch of gallon jugs and water bottles and we filled up every container we had and made do with it before the water leaked completely out. The Pawnee Buttes were beautiful though and we all loved the open peaceful area. There were trails leading up to the Buttes and we attempted to take an off beaten path but it was like trying to play dodge the baby cactuses because every 2-3 foot was a little cactus. On the second day we climbed the Buttes and that night blew up our air mattress outside and all of us laid out and looked up at the stars together. It was SO open out there it was like looking up at a theater of stars in the sky. We left the third morning. It was a beautiful experience.

The Fear. The Purge. The Relaxation.

A couple of months ago we decided to finally take a leap of faith and dive into our full time journey. We were fearful but excited at the same time. Leaving the lifestyle you have always known for a whole new adventure of travel is full of unknowns. Although we had researched and researched and lined all our ducks up in a row…it was still a bit scary. I naturally am a worry wart. We had looked at houses and we could of bought one but that was not the life we wanted. We always have wanted to explore the world and thought that those who must do so must be rich and just so lucky. Once we figured it out and lined it all up the choice was easy. Our kids were so excited. A life of travel, adventure, meeting new friends, getting away from the cold Iowa winters and not having to deal with a school where you have to stay six feet apart and wear a mask all day was an amazing idea to them.

The purge came next. This is not a purge of sickness but rather all the crap we did not need or use. I always have been a bit of a hoarder when it came to my kids school work or things they have made. Other than that I did not keep much …so I thought. Downsizing from a 3 bedroom condo with a garage to a 30 foot travel trailer was like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. At first I was pretty careful about it. I had boxes sorted and piles here, there. Things were somewhat labeled at first. Then I started seeing all the crap and wondering why do people own SO much stuff . Its actually kind of disgusting to be honest. I tried posting on the free sites and donating but then it just all went to the trash. There was no method anymore. The purge become more so of a headache and we kept what we needed and the rest was discarded. Who really needs 12 glass vases an ungodly amount of Tupperware . We had so many Pyrex pans I was beginning to think someone in the house should actually be a baker ?!

The relaxation came after we just left and not a moment until then. We turned in the keys and took off. The first campground we stayed at was nearby so that we could finish up a few errands and it was honestly the most relaxing weekend we have had in a long time together as a family. We had smores by the fire. Sat out and looked at the stars and watched for the raccoons and we just hung out together. It was on our time and there was no rush. Just relaxation and stress free. We are The traveling Turtles as our oldest says because turtles take their homes with them. In these last couple months ..at least I think its been at least two months because its easy to lose track of time now… We have all agreed we have made enough memories that could of easily filled up two summers . It is incredible. I wont lie to you and say it is all peaches and cream because no lifestyle is . We have definitely had learning experiences on the way but what I will tell you is it sure beats the typical way of life and you wont see us turning back to that any time soon .

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