You hold the pen. Start Writing.

You are in control of your own life. Until you start believing that and living through that you will always be living in the chapters of other peoples book and your story will have blank pages. Its never to late to start. You can edit it as many times as you like. You don’t evenContinue reading “You hold the pen. Start Writing.”

Do Traveling Families Travel All The Time?

I think people assume since you are in a travel trailer and you have the ability to travel anywhere that you are now on the road ALL the time. That is not even close to true for us. Sure, we do get to each destination by way of vehicle but we spend some time atContinue reading “Do Traveling Families Travel All The Time?”

Catching Frogs and Eating Dessert

Since we have been traveling I feel like we have new requirements in life. Sun, water, and fishing poles are definitly our top faves. Its a far cry from feeling trapped in a tuna can of a condo and having not much of a back yard. We now have specifics we look for when weContinue reading “Catching Frogs and Eating Dessert”

Personal Review of Camping at Terry Bison Ranch, Wyoming.

This is my personal opinion of our experience at the Terry Bison Ranch. We should of looked up prices to begin with. It costed about $175 for a two nights stay. The place was a tight squeeze and you could smell your neighbors poop outside when they went to the bathroom. Needless to say weContinue reading “Personal Review of Camping at Terry Bison Ranch, Wyoming.”

Ledges State Park The Ledges is one of our favorite go to places in our home state. On our way through Iowa we stopped here. You can reserve online or when you get here. They have tickets at the main drive for reservations. It does fill up fast on the weekends. They have a few full hookups,Continue reading “Ledges State Park”

Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial

The Andrew Jackson Higgins National Memorial is a free Memorial to see in Columbus, Nebraska. If you are traveling with kids this is a great lesson for them in History. There is also parks next to it for the kids to play at . This started as a research project for the students at ColumbusContinue reading “Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial”

Cat Tails to Beauty with a Splash of Carcass

This morning we got up and went down to the water to play in the cat tails. The kids call them wild hot dogs. Then we packed up and headed a bit further. We normally would stay for longer periods but we have to get back to a doctor appointment and for work related things.Continue reading “Cat Tails to Beauty with a Splash of Carcass”

20 Lessons/Bloopers Along The Way

1. When Boondocking do not listen to Google Maps. This will take you about 50 miles out on a gravel road to your ‘destination’. 2. Always Inspect the shitter before making a purchase. We arrived at our first destination and we had a whole load of someone elses crap to deal with. 3. Don’t trustContinue reading “20 Lessons/Bloopers Along The Way”