Do Traveling Families Travel All The Time?

I think people assume since you are in a travel trailer and you have the ability to travel anywhere that you are now on the road ALL the time. That is not even close to true for us. Sure, we do get to each destination by way of vehicle but we spend some time atContinue reading “Do Traveling Families Travel All The Time?”

Personal Review of Camping at Terry Bison Ranch, Wyoming.

This is my personal opinion of our experience at the Terry Bison Ranch. We should of looked up prices to begin with. It costed about $175 for a two nights stay. The place was a tight squeeze and you could smell your neighbors poop outside when they went to the bathroom. Needless to say weContinue reading “Personal Review of Camping at Terry Bison Ranch, Wyoming.”

Toes in the Water. Ass in the Sand.

Our week has been nothing but sand and more sand. Sand in places you wouldn’t want sand, sand all over the TT, sand in your hair, sand castles, and getting buried in sand. You get the picture. The best part about a travel trailer is its super easy cleanup. The days here have been beautifulContinue reading “Toes in the Water. Ass in the Sand.”

The Fear. The Purge. The Relaxation.

A couple of months ago we decided to finally take a leap of faith and dive into our full time journey. We were fearful but excited at the same time. Leaving the lifestyle you have always known for a whole new adventure of travel is full of unknowns. Although we had researched and researched andContinue reading “The Fear. The Purge. The Relaxation.”